Shrink Windows to fit an SSD and repair boot loader

SSD’s are a very popular upgrade and offer a huge performance improvement.  But even though their prices have come down, they are still fairly expensive.  Many laptops and desktops come with a 1 TB mechanical drive, but the user may feel that a 500 GB SSD would be adequate.  So how do you shrink the partitions, transfer to the new drive, and repair Windows 8/10 after all of the changes?...

Windows 10 upgrade – how to make it successful

As a computer tech, I have seen many different problems when users upgrade to Windows 10.  I’ve also seen a lot of suggestions on the web that don’t help at all.  So here are my suggestions on making your upgrade successful: Troublesome software Software that is deeply integrated with the operating system has the potential to damage the upgrade process or cause your computer to roll...

Enable TRIM on OS X Yosemite!

OS X Yosemite update 10.10.4 now supports TRIM for aftermarket SSDs! To enable it, open the Terminal and type: sudo trimforce enable Accept the scary agreement and it will reboot.  That’s it!

Zyxel USG20 firewall hole

There is a hole in the firewall of the USG20 in its default configuration that you need to plug.  The entry in the firewall looks like this:   There isn’t anything dangerous about this hole. It won’t allow your computers inside your network to be attacked.  It simply allows traffic to the Zywall itself for the Default_Allowed members (AH, ESP, HTTPS, IKE, NATT, GRE, VRRP).  But...

Disable SSH, telnet, and FTP access to the Zyxel USG 20

Sadly it is very common to see SSH brute force attacks.  Unless you really need SSH access to your Zyxel router, just disable it. Log in, click the gear, click System, click SSH, then uncheck the box and click apply.  Do the same thing for TELNET and FTP. You will still be able to administer your Zyxel from the HTTP interface inside your network. If you do need this access to your router, you...

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