Manage wireless networks in Windows 8

Microsoft removed the tool to manage wireless networks in Windows 8.  This was a useful tool for setting the priority for which access point to connect to first, and was often required if you change the security type for your wireless network. The only way to manage wireless networks now is to do it from the command prompt.  Here’s how to do it: Open a run box window (or press win+R) then...

Uploads saturate internet connection with Time Warner and the Motorola SB6141 modem

We recently switched to Time Warner (Roadrunner) for internet service. I chose to 20mbps download and 2mbps upload plan. I decided to buy my own modem rather than lease one from Time Warner, so I chose the Motorola Surfboard SB6141 which is on Time Warner’s list of approved modems.  The reviews are good and I bought this one because of IPv6 and DOCSIS3 compatibility. Hopefully I...

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