Ubuntu /boot partition is full

If you install Ubuntu and use the default options for partitioning you will eventually run out of space on your /boot partition when performing updates. Here is a command that will clean up your /boot partition of unnecessary packages. apt-get remove `dpkg –list ‘linux-image*’ |grep ^ii | awk ‘{print $2}’\ | grep -v \`uname -r\“

VLAN for guest wifi on Zyxel USG router with Engenius access points

The goal here is to add a second SSID from the Engenius access point for guest internet access that does not have access to the network resources on the private wifi network. First of all I am using the Zyxel USG20 and an Engenius ECB600. Other similar hardware will be… similar. Here’s how to make this work. Log into your access point. Add another SSID. Make sure you check the box...

Enabling Turbo.264 hardware encoder with EyeTV

I bought EyeTV software a few years ago and bought the Turbo.264 hardware encoder with it. It worked pretty well and would allow me to use my Core2Duo Mac Mini to stream live TV to my phone. Several updates later, I’m running Yosemite and EyeTV 3.6.7 and the Turbo.264 no longer works for streaming video. I upgraded to a dual core i5 Mac Mini, but it still doesn’t have enough...

HDHomeRun Prime HDHR3-CC experience with Windows Media Center

I have used the HDHomeRun dual tuner for ATSC (digital-over-the-air) TV for years. But recently my Dad decided to get digital cable from Time Warner, so we decided to try the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Prime HDHR3-CC. This tuner uses a CableCard along with a “tuning adapter” from Time Warner and has three internal tuners. First, I had to get the CableCard from Time Warner. This was...

Time sync issues with boot camp and Windows

MacOS assumes that your machine time is GMT. Windows assumes that your machine time is correct for your time zone. So each time you switch operating systems the time is wrong in one of the systems. The fix is to tell Windows that your machine time is GMT (universal time). Here is the fix: Boot up your bootcamp partition and logon to your Windows installation Open Regedit with administrative...

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