Boot camp Windows 7 repair for “missing operating system” error

So you’ve installed Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot camp. Then you decide that you need more space on your Windows partition. So you use the Mac’s Disk Utility on the partition tab to shrink the MacOS partition. Then you fire up a live CD of GParted to expand the Windows partition. Now Windows won’t boot and you get the dreaded “Missing Operating System” error....

Zyxel USG 20 WAN IP address from DHCP from a cable modem

Today I realized that my Zyxel USG 20 would not automatically get an IP address (assigned by DHCP) from my cable modem after being disconnected. (I have a dynamic IP address from my ISP.)  I would have to log in to the dashboard and click the “Renew” button under “Interface Status Summary” to get a new IP address. This is a hassle after a power outage. (This is not an...

Port forwarding and NAT loopback on Zyxel USG20

The Zyxel USG20 is a complicated router.  As I mentioned here it is a wonderful router for a highly connected household if you desire content filtering and bandwidth management. But this router isn’t for the feint of heart. Port forwarding on a traditional consumer is as simple as assigning a static internal IP address to a device, then forwarding ports to that IP address.  (A few routers...

Internet security and traffic management

Like many of you, we have a bunch of devices connected to our home internet connection.  A couple phones, tablets, laptops, a game console, TVs, etc.  And more wifi devices keep coming!  (You can get WiFi enabled thermostats and light bulbs now!)  You need a fairly robust router just to manage traffic with all of these devices connected and if you have kids like I do, you need a way to manage...

Replacing the VHF/UHF final transistor in a Yaesu FT-857D

What does this have to do with computer repairs? Well, it doesn’t, technically, but I am also a casual ham radio operator and recently the VHF/UHF final transistor in my radio blew. So what happened?  I bought a 2 meter amplifier off of eBay and while I was testing it my radio stopped triggering the amp.  I measured the power output from my Yaesu FT-857D and it showed less than 1 watt on 2...

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