What is the big deal with JAVA?

Java has had a lot of press lately. So what is going on? Java has been around since nearly the beginning of the internet. It is a powerful platform and most users know of it as a plugin for their web browsers. It is a lot more than just a plugin, but we are only going to discuss it as a plugin for your web browser? By default, your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome,...

Now accepting credit cards!

Just wanted to let you know that we are now accepting all major credits for payment! (Cash and check are still accepted too!)

Windows 8 will frustrate you

EDIT: I wrote this almost one year ago and have since upgraded the 8.1 and put decent effort into learning it. I am actually enjoying using the operating system. If you need something that looks like Windows XP, then stick with Windows 7.  But 8.1 isn’t bad if you are open to it. (Except that it crashes far more often than 7 does on the same hardware.)   Let me first say that I am a...

Reload iOS on the iPad (and how to save your data!)

I still own an “ancient” first edition iPad that I bought in the fall of 2010.  I have created a lot of documents on it and religiously backed it up to my iTunes at home.  But after updating to the multiple version of iOS 4 and then to two versions of iOS 5, it was getting slow.  Safari crashed all the time and it lagged frequently.  (Recently Apple decided not to allow the iPad 1 to...

5 steps to make a tutorial video

Over the weekend I created a video tutorial for Messages on a Mission. This shows a video of my screen, a video of me, and a video of the output from my MacBook on a second monitor. So how did I do this and combine everything? Read on for my five steps. Messages on a Mission – ProPresenter tutorial from Aaron Crabtree on Vimeo. Step 1 – Lights, camera, action! The first step is to...

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