Upgrading to Mountain Lion on an older Mac

There are lots of reviews about the new features that Apple included in their latest OS X release, Mountain Lion but not much talk about running it on older Macs. I hope to explain some of the details to you. First of all, this is the first version of OS X that can’t be run on all Intel based Macs. Up until now even the oldest Intel based Macs could run the latest OS. There are specifics...

Enabling emoticons on the iPhone

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but for over year after switching to the iPhone I missed those silly little icons from my older phones. But it turns out that the iPhone had them, but they have to be enabled. Here are the instructions: Go to Settings Go to General Go to Keyboard click on International Keyboards click on Add New Keyboard… Then choose Emoji The phone will walk you how to...

The iPad for Content Creation

The iPad is a great device. I often have people ask me if they should buy an iPad instead of a laptop. I guess that depends on what you want to do with the iPad but it can’t replace a laptop for me. I started thinking about what it would take to make the iPad more functional and allow it to replace a laptop. And I am not going to jump on the “Flash” bandwagon. First of all...

Let’s get rid of the microwave

When was the last time you cooked without the microwave? In our fast paced culture, the microwave fits perfectly; it cooks nothing well but it does it quickly. Does that sound like life? We need to concentrate more on the depth of a few things than the shallowness of many. We are all spread thin and we tend to do things “ok”, but not great. Just like the microwave. Our kids suffer...

iPhone 4 battery

As of June, 2012 I have owned an iPhone 4 for 18 months.  In the past month the battery life has dramatically shortened.  A full charge in the morning is down to 40% or less by 5 PM.  I tried all of the normal tricks to improve battery life but it was obvious that the battery itself was worn out. A quick search on EBay turned up many vendors selling very cheap batteries, so it was worth a shot....

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