Formatting external hard drives on Mac

If you want to connect a hard drive to your Apple Airport Extreme router, you need to format it using the the GUID Partition Table (GPT) and format the partition as Apple Filing System (AFS) journeled. The problem is that Disk Utility formats external drives as Master Boot Record by default. Here’s how to format a drive with GPT: •Launch Disk Utility. It’s in...

Practical 720p vs. 1080p

Have you ever wondered why 720p televisions are still available? Are 720p TVs cheaper? Is that the only reason? Read on for a practical analysis. 720p is 1280 pixels horizontally 720 pixels vertically. 1080p is 1920×1080. The “p” means Progressive Scan which means a full frame (as opposed to interlaced standards like 1080i) and 720p is generally 30 frames per second but can be...

Apple Airport Extreme and damaged partitions

Oh Apple, so many of us trust your well thought-out products and don’t complain when you remove features. After all, if you remove it, then we must not need it! Apple, if you ever read this post, please consider adding your Disk First Aid utility to the Airport Extreme so USB hard drives can be checked and repaired. These partitions get damaged when the power goes out or from other events...

How to make a MacOS 10.7 Lion DVD

The official way to get MacOS 10.7 Lion is to download it from the App Store or buy a computer with it preinstalled. What if I want to make a bootable DVD? Here’s what you do: Download the installer (almost four gig!) from the App Store. Once finished, CTRL+click and choose Show Package Contents Open the Contents folder Open SharedSupport and find InstallESD.dmg Right-click (CTRL+click) on...

Poor battery life with MacOS Lion (10.7)?

Upgrading to MacOS 10.7 (Lion)? My battery lasted about half as long as it used to once I upgraded. I went to Utilities -> Console and had a huge list of messages in the system query log. I found that Little Snitch wasn’t compatible with Lion and kept “respawning” every 10 seconds. Then I found that Adobe Air was being denied access to a file it wanted to read. I removed Little...

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