As a computer tech, I have seen many different problems when users upgrade to Windows 10.  I’ve also seen a lot of suggestions on the web that don’t help at all.  So here are my suggestions on making your upgrade successful:

Troublesome software

Software that is deeply integrated with the operating system has the potential to damage the upgrade process or cause your computer to roll back to the previous version of Windows (failed to install update).  Virus scanners other than Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender should be removed prior to upgrading.  Also, remove Malware using Malwarebytes or Microsoft Security Essentials.

If your upgrade fails after removing your virus scanner and any malware, then please consider what is starting up when your computer boots.  Software that controls hardware can cause problems.  Examples: software for keyboards, video cards, and other hardware.  Often this software is installed by the manufacturer and is never updated and therefore may not be compatible with Windows 10.  While you can uninstall all of this stuff, there is a better way to deal with it.

Disable start up items before the upgrading, enable after

All you have to do is to download a program by Microsoft called Autoruns

Autoruns Download Link

In this program (Autoruns) you will find literally every program, service, drive, etc.. that starts during & after system boot (startup).

– In the program options, Make sure that (Hide Microsoft Entries) & (Hide Windows Entries) are ticked, This insures that you don’t accidentally disable any of the files required by the system to function correctly

B – Now got the Logon Tab & untick (uncheck) all the entries, DO NOT DELETE the entries just untick them

– Then do the same thing in the Scheduled Tasks Tab

– Also untick (uncheck) all the entries in the Service Tab

– Now go to the Drivers Tab, You have to be EXTRA CAREFUL in this tab, Some of the entries in this tab are required by the system to boot & unchecking them will definitely damage your system, DO NOT Randomly untick the entries of this tab, look at the Description Publisher columns in the program to determine which entries to untick, The entries that should Be unticked are the:

                             – (Graphic Drivers): 

in my case the graphic drive is NVIDIA so i unticked all the entries from NVIDIA

– (Network Drivers):

Untick all the network drivers found, For me there was many (Media Tek Wireless, Huawei USB Modem, AnchorFree For Hotspot Sheild VPN, etc..) as i said you have to look at the [Publisher column] to know what the entry represent

           – (Audio Drivers): 

Like (RealTek HD Audio) or any other audio driver

        – (3rd Party Drivers): 

Untick any 3d party driver, & by third party drivers i mean the drivers added by programs you installed like (Internet Download Manger WFP Driver) & (Samsung USB Driver) etc..

– Now go to the Codecs Tab, untick all the entries that could be unticked (some will remain ticked no matter what), Alternatively you can uninstall the codec software installed in your computer Like (K-lite Codec) or (Shark007 Codec )

Now you can close the program & proceed with the Windows 10 upgrade

After the end of the Windows 10 upgrade process SURPRISE Windows Successfully upgraded to Windows 10, no more Restore Previous System, no more Error Code 8007002

After The Upgrade, run the (Autoruns) program & tick all the entries you unticked previously