When was the last time you cooked without the microwave? In our fast paced culture, the microwave fits perfectly; it cooks nothing well but it does it quickly. Does that sound like life?

We need to concentrate more on the depth of a few things than the shallowness of many. We are all spread thin and we tend to do things “ok”, but not great. Just like the microwave.

Our kids suffer because they are see how thin their parents are spread. Too many activities crammed into our schedules and not much excellence in anything. Do you think that your parents envisioned you to be mediocre in many or excellence in a few? If that is hard to answer, then think about what God would want you to be.

We need to slow down to let our ovens warm up to prepare great meals rather than flabby pizza or worse, microwave dinners. Great in a few trumps mediocrity in many, every time.