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Zyxel USG20 firewall hole

There is a hole in the firewall of the USG20 in its default configuration that you need to plug.  The entry in the firewall looks like this:   There isn't anything dangerous about this hole. It won't allow your computers inside your network to be attacked.  It...

Manage wireless networks in Windows 8

Microsoft removed the tool to manage wireless networks in Windows 8.  This was a useful tool for setting the priority for which access point to connect to first, and was often required if you change the security type for your wireless network. The only way to manage...

Port forwarding and NAT loopback on Zyxel USG20

The Zyxel USG20 is a complicated router.  As I mentioned here it is a wonderful router for a highly connected household if you desire content filtering and bandwidth management. But this router isn't for the feint of heart. Port forwarding on a traditional consumer is...

Internet security and traffic management

Like many of you, we have a bunch of devices connected to our home internet connection.  A couple phones, tablets, laptops, a game console, TVs, etc.  And more wifi devices keep coming!  (You can get WiFi enabled thermostats and light bulbs now!)  You need a fairly...

What is the big deal with JAVA?

Java has had a lot of press lately. So what is going on? Java has been around since nearly the beginning of the internet. It is a powerful platform and most users know of it as a plugin for their web browsers. It is a lot more than just a plugin, but we are only going...

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